Deepgram CEO Scott Stephenson on Machine Meets World

Scott Stephenson, CEO of the speech recognition company Deepgram, talks artificial intelligence with Infinia ML’s James Kotecki.

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Recorded July 28th, 2020.

Killer Quote

“You can have a human listen to a conversation, you can have them infer what was happening, all of that… In the future, you’ll be able to have the equivalent of a much cheaper human do it, which would be the machine. And the cost of that will drastically reduce, and that will mean that we’ll have to come up with new laws and rules and ways of operating in society to deal with that.” [16:01]

More Highlights

How working in a “James Bond lair” led to the development of Deepgram. [4:14]

How doing particle physics is like doing deep learning for speech. [6:10]

How always-on recording can change human behavior. [19:58]

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