How It Works

We’ve solved the “buy vs. build” conundrum

Save time, control costs, and tap into the brilliance of the industry’s leading machine learning experts. Our end-to-end automated data extraction solution and ML-powered insights free you from building software from the ground up, so you can direct more attention back to your business.

How It Works​

How Infinia Machine Learning Works

Smart Data Labeling

Smart data labeling organizes structured tables (ex. receipts and invoices) and unstructured narrative data (ex. emails, RFPs) under meaningful labels.

Custom Machine Learning

Overlaying custom machine learning code onto our existing library of optical character recognition (OCR) and natural language processing (NLP) code increases speed-to-deployment while improving accuracy.

Ready for Other Applications

Data is structured and ready for other applications and analysis.

Proactive Model Auditing

Proactive model auditing controls against drift and alerts you to anomalies.

Common document types we process

We work hard to make it look easy

Our intelligent document processing solutions aren’t magic.
They’re based on advanced technology and decades of applied experience.

Deployment Options

We can deploy anywhere.

  • Secure cloud with RESTful APIs
  • On-premises with Docker/Kubernetes


We're credentialed where it counts.

  • 600+ published papers
  • 30 patents
  • 9 PhDs
  • 1 literal rocket scientist

Continuous Audit

Dashboards and regular reports help maintain performance by flagging data and operational issues.

The cut of our code fits just right.

See how our document processing engine powers applications to analyze massive volumes of document data and drive business outcomes.