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Xiangqian “XQ” Hu, Ph.D.

Xiangqian (XQ) Hu joins Infinia ML from SAS® as Senior Software Manager, where he developed various machine learning algorithms on big data with distributed computing systems, including data analysis, decision tree, random forest, neural networks, recommender system, and clustering algorithms. He led a deep learning team at SAS® to build the SAS® deep learning framework from scratch on the SAS Viya® platform.  This framework has powered common deep learning tasks ranging from tabular data to computer vision to natural language processing to speech-to-text. It is also seamlessly integrated with SAS® Event Stream Processing to make model management and deployment readily available in any environment.

XQ earned his Ph.D. in Quantum Chemistry at Peking University in Beijing and currently owns 5 patents in machine learning, including fast quantile calculations, interactive decision trees, and model compression. In his free time, he enjoys reading to sharpen his mind, running to keep healthy, and spending time with his family.