Neo4j’s Amy Hodler on Machine Meets World

Amy Hodler, Director, Graph Analytics and AI Programs at Neo4j, joins Infinia ML’s James Kotecki on Machine Meets World, the interview show about artificial intelligence.

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Recorded June 16, 2020.

Key Quote

“I definitely think we need a public conversation about what our expectations are for AI. So it’s not just ‘I want more accurate AI.’ It’s do we want AI doing particular things? We need to bring together, I would say, people from different walks of life.

“So you’ve got your scientists that we all think about, but also your ethicists and your business leaders, your citizens, your policymakers, and have more of a joint dialogue about what we want from AI systems. They are different than software we’ve had in the past because of the reach and the power that they really have the ability to amplify the best and the worst of what we can do.” [20:40]

Other Episode Highlights

Striking Examples of AI Failure [5:10]

Why Talking to Data Scientists Gives Her Hope  [18:45]

Bias Isn’t Always Bad [24:35]

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