Axe Throwing at Durham’s Urban Axes

New Year, new skills — the Infinia ML team tried a hand at axe throwing during our annual holiday party on January 10th, 2020. While everyone went home with all of their fingers still intact, we did discover that a few members of our data science team have been harboring their hidden talent.

A company-wide bracket competition led to a final showdown between our COO, Rob Delaney, and Principal Data Scientist, Patrick Rabenold. While both threw valiantly, it was Patrick that became Infinia ML’s Next Top Axe Thrower.

Here are a few shots of the Infinians in action:

Data Scientist Justin Ellis casually celebrating a bullseye victory.


Director of Business Development Mike McDonel keeping it cool & collected.


Data Scientists Ben Lackey and Ikenna Odinaka square off as the bracket narrows.


Office Manager & Executive Assistant Carissa Nickel brings the heat with a power throw.




Principal Data Scientist Patrick Rabenold and COO Rob Delaney in the final showdown.


We’re joyful for the start of 2020 and that we all survived axe throwing — Happy New Year from Infinia ML!











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