Sweeping Into 2019: Infinia ML’s Curling Adventure

It’s 2019, and our CEO says we’re off to a great start. In fact,  . . .


. . . we’re preparing to ice the competition. So to kick off the year, our team took to the sheets of the Triangle Curling Club.

Most of us had no idea what we were doing. But with some help from the friendly instructors, we were soon able to convince ourselves that we were ready for the big leagues. Or at least a local Bonspiel.
As Coleman prepares to curl, Laxmi offers some en-curl-agement.


Ryan is all business as he signals a teammate to take it to the house.


Sweep, Rose! Sweep!


Thanks to the Triangle Curling Club for hosting such a terrific team-building activity!

PS – We’re hiring! We’re always looking for data scientists and software engineers to help us make business impact with machine learning. Bonus points if you know what a hog line is.
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