Our 3D Approach to Machine Learning


Excerpt from an interview in Adobe’s “Glass Tank” at The AI Conference in New York City, May 1, 2018.

Infinia ML is a team of machine learning experts focused on making real business impact. To deliver that impact, we have a wholistic way of helping companies achieve their goals.

We call it our 3D approach:

Data Preparation

We begin by assessing whether your data is ready for machine learning. Data readiness, not algorithms, is often the biggest obstacle to machine learning success.

We’ll make sure your data is accessible, sizable, useable, understandable, and maintainable before we give you the green light.


With your data prepared, we apply our scientific knowledge of machine learning to your business challenges.

We design algorithms, build models, test results, and show you what’s possible.


Algorithms that don’t work in the real world don’t drive real results for your business.

Our team integrates our solutions with your systems, helping your organization achieve the true impact of machine learning.

Whether you need help with just one D or all of the above, we’re ready to talk. Contact us to learn more.

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