Use Case: Medical Image Detection

Challenge: Some Interpretation Required

  • Ultrasound images are difficult for medical professionals to read without special training.
  • Ultrasound devices are not useful without proper interpretation.
  • Untrained providers must forgo procedures that rely on proper ultrasound identification.

Solution: Apply ML to Ultrasound Images

  • Use ML to identify anatomy in ultrasound images.
  • Incorporate real-time visualization into the medical workflow.

Impact: Making Anesthesiology A Bit Easier

  • More practitioners can interpret the ultrasound and locate the brachial plexus nerve network.
  • Locating the brachial plexus allows doctors to administer local anesthesia.
  • Local anesthesia is more accessible, less risky, and less costly than general anesthesia.

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Technical Details

For one ultrasound device maker, Infinia ML:

  • Developed deep-learning-based image techniques to identify not only the brachial plexus, but the blood vessel and muscles around it.
  • Built capability to identify objects in real time as the device’s position and the image are moving.
  • Helped incorporate deep learning process onto a mobile device.