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Normalizing data across multiple SaaS products

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Client: Top-10 business process outsourcing corporation

Challenge: Invoice processing across languages and SaaS systems was taking thousands of person-hours to do manually

Solution: Document processing solution to normalize data and free knowledge workers for higher-level tasks


Efficiently processing forms and inputting data

Our client’s business relies on their ability to perform back-office operations in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. Each year, they used tens of thousands of employees to perform rote, manual tasks like processing forms and inputting data into a system of record. Looking to find better ways to leverage their workforce, our client trusted Infinia ML to automate and reinvent invoice processing.

Each year, our international client expended resources to process forms and input data into SaaS systems. Moreover, they did it across hundreds of customers spanning dozens of languages. Each customer had their own recording system (SAP, Concur, etc.) so their form processing required different levels of flexibility and customization.


Building a document processing pipeline to automatically digitize information

Infinia ML built a document processing pipeline to automatically digitize, extract, and normalize information across multiple languages and platforms. The overall solution was built to flexibly handle structured, semi-structured, and unstructured documents.


Redeploying employees to more advanced projects

Infinia ML’s solution ensures reliable data entry while allowing the corporation to leverage their employees’ skills to increase profit margins. Employees could redeploy to more advanced projects, promoting company business and culture.

Applying these techniques elsewhere

  • Extract data from non-standardized paper and digital forms
  • Redact sensitive information from financial or healthcare records

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