Use Case: Email Analysis

Challenge: Missing Discounts

  • Vendors sometimes offer discounts to retail buyers (i.e., a 10% discount for 50,000 televisions).
  • Auditors manually comb through procurement emails to find offered discounts that the retailer never actually received.
  • Manual auditors still miss about half of the total. One retailer estimates unrecovered savings at $280 million per year.

Solution: NLP Analysis

Use natural language processing to automatically analyze emails and find more savings.

Impact: Millions in Savings

  • Auditors find relevant emails faster.
  • Auditors find new recovery opportunities they may have missed.
  • Retailers measure ROI by tracking the emails and recovery amounts attributable to machine learning.

Infinia ML can help you automate email analysis.
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Technical Details

Key Inputs
  • Emails from the procurement department. A retailer may have millions per quarter.
  • A sample of emails relevant to a procurement auditor.
Additional Integrations
  • Vendor list(s)
  • Invoices
  • Purchase orders/receipts
  • API to accounts payable system

For one retailer, Infinia ML processed 20 million emails from a one year period and:

  • Used unsupervised learning to surface emails that auditors wouldn’t see otherwise.
  • Produced a temporal topic model to explore conversation topic changes with retail seasons. The model improved on open source topic modeling libraries.
  • Built a visualization of email topics (see image above).
50 topics in a set of 3.8 M emails over 12 months. Each number represents a cluster of words that are highly correlated; for example, 6 is “cost retail costs unit margin costing correct lower sheet current”.