Business Process Automation Solutions

If you work in an industry that relies on text and documents, we can help you automate the way you process your data.


We find critical insights buried in healthcare documents — insights that could elevate patient care, improve provider performance, and increase operational efficiency.

  • Hard copy patient files
  • Clinical trial protocols
  • Insurance forms

IT & Security

Machine learning can uncover patterns and anomalies that internal cybersecurity solutions may overlook. We apply deep learning capabilities atop your existing solutions to reinforce your ability to protect your customers.

  • Data logs
  • Emails
  • Internal chat


Our AI-powered business process automation solutions handle financial forms like invoices and tax returns with lightning speed and comb through unstructured text from contracts to news stories.

  • Contracts
  • Tax forms
  • News stories


Blaze through forms or unstructured documents (ex. contracts, emails) to identify novel insights about fraud and churn and provide recommendations about how to better serve your customers.

  • Claims
  • Contracts
  • PDF files


Deploy deep learning to predict network service outages before they happen, understand communication sentiment and spot trends, automatically route customer support tickets for faster resolution, and more.

  • Augment legacy technology
  • Enhance customer support
  • Analyze CRM data

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