Use Case: Contract Classification

Challenge: A Slow, Skilled Slog

  • Analyzing legal contracts has historically been a manual process requiring skilled specialists.
  • Companies lack resources to understand and manage their contracts.

Solution: Natural Language Processing

  • Use natural language processing to evaluate contracts quickly and efficiently.
  • Classify contracts by type (MSA, SOW, NDA, etc.).
  • Identify key information and analyze specific clauses.

Impact: Millions in Savings

  • Human analysts can process contracts faster and in greater amounts.
  • Companies get improved insight into their corpus of contracts.
  • Greater insight allows companies to make faster, smarter decisions.

Infinia ML can help you automate document analysis.
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Technical Details

For one legal services company, Infinia ML:

  • Extracted relevant data from the text with ML-based data acquisition solutions.
  • Developed models with cutting-edge techniques like word embeddings and temporal convolutional neural networks.
  • Created the ability for analysts to process contracts with greater efficiency.