We come from around the world, speaking languages including Spanish, Hindi, Mandarin, Arabic, French, Malayalam, and Telugu.

We combine a track record of academic excellence with a passion for practical business impact. In other words, we aim to make a real difference.

We stay humble about the things we don’t know, because we know that to keep growing, we have to keep learning. Our team is built on mutual respect for each member’s unique talents, and a commitment to winning by working together.


We solve the data science problems that others cannot. Since we operate at the highest levels of data science and engineering, technical proficiency is a necessity. Our interviews are cordial but challenging – and you may be surprised by how much you learn during the process.

But success at Infinia ML requires more than talent and intelligence. Candidates should crave an entrepreneurial environment where no two days or two projects are the same. We look for teammates who are naturally curious, constantly innovating, and excited to tackle what others think is impossible.

And since our work is challenging, we want to make sure our workplace is respectful, focused, and fun. Successful candidates won’t just thrive in our culture – they will actively help us create it.

(Want advice on going from academia to data science? Check out this blog post by a member of our team.)

Open Positions

A Peek Inside

“Our work here is incredibly rewarding. When doing research, you don’t always see the final result. But what excites me about Infinia ML is we can be the ones to deliver that impact.”

- Sunith Suresh

A Peek Inside

“We have a great culture here – we all love the work we do, but we also care and want to make a difference. We want people who are strong technically but also good people.”

- Ya Xue