We love reading, writing, and publishing the latest machine learning research. But we’re even more passionate about putting theory into practice. We are working to leave a tangible mark on the world and in our industry.

Here are a few numbers that define our team:

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Born in a Duke University research lab, Infinia ML is committed to finding and fostering top machine learning talent from institutions like Duke, UNC-Chapel Hill, and NC State. Inspired by the country’s top “R1” research universities, we strive to be an “R1 company” by:

  1. Encouraging employees to publish research.
  2. Publishing research under our company name.
  3. Hosting in-house technical talks.
  4. Giving employees the chance to participate in non-client research projects.
  5. Encouraging employees to attend top research conferences.


Founding Team

Lawrence Carin, Ph.D.

Chief Scientist

One of the most widely published machine learning researchers in the world, Dr. Carin spent 25 years as a Professor of Engineering at Duke University. An IEEE Fellow, he has co-authored nearly 450 papers affecting fields as diverse as bomb detection, neuroscience, and voting behavior.

Larry’s passion for engineering was apparent from the time he was only a child – one of his first memories is of building a small engine to plug in the wall. Fortunately, his mother swooped in to stop this first experiment before anyone was electrocuted, but Larry has always been fascinated at the prospect of creating things that can have real tangible value.

Following this passion into applied mathematics, Larry studied electromagnetics and rose to the forefront of the field while still in his early 30s, but came to an important conclusion: electromagnetics had already accomplished all the meaningful innovation it would ever need. And so much to the confusion of his peers, Larry changed fields, exploring for an area where his work could have greater impact, and eventually landing in signal processing, statistics, and machine learning.

Many people questioned the decision to leave a field where he was so highly respected, but Larry is the type of person that not only sees the world as it could be but can’t help themselves in working to make that possibility real. Today Larry is respected as one of the greatest innovators in machine learning, and as part of his passion for making a difference through his work, he serves as co-founder and Chief Scientist of Infinia ML, solving some of the toughest machine learning challenges in the world.

Larry is passionate about his work and about his family, spending as much time with them as possible. He wants Infinia’s work to not only create value for clients, but to serve as inspiration for the kind of entrepreneurship and innovation that Durham can achieve.

Ricardo Henao, Ph.D.

Data Scientist

A quiet man by nature, Ricardo Henao is one of the most respected figures in biomedical applications for machine learning. When he speaks, his passion and authority as a subject matter expert are clear. His constant work in and around healthcare professionals has given him an innate ability to translate and bridge the gap between clinical researchers and his machine learning colleagues.

Ricardo was fascinated with electronics since his childhood in Colombia, progressing to engineering, signal processing, and eventually machine learning. He earned a Master’s degree in industrial automation, and moved to Denmark to earn his Ph.D. in machine learning. As part of his studies at the Technical University of Denmark, he began partnering with a local biomedical center and brought that expertise to Duke University.

In addition to his work as a Data Scientist at Infinia ML, he serves as Assistant Professor in Biostatistics and Bioinformatics at Duke and is a member of the Duke Clinical Research Institute. He regularly serves as a reviewer for journals such as the Journal for Machine Learning Research, Journal of Biomedical Informatics and many others.

While he enjoys reading and is a bit of a movie buff, his passion is machine learning – in particular, helping health systems and researchers unlock the vast amounts of data they have to find new breakthroughs. He also enjoys the challenges biomedical machine learning brings – forcing the algorithms to work and succeed with far smaller sample sizes than other industries. He enjoys the academic life – staying on the cutting edge of the latest machine learning research in healthcare – but also relishes the opportunity to tackle the urgent business problems addressed by Infinia ML.

Ya Xue, Ph.D.

VP, Data Science

Inherently curious by nature and a creator by passion, Ya spent her early years in a small town in Central China with her parents, who had received their degrees in engineering and medicine. This influenced the course that Ya would take for her own success.

After spending 17 years in her hometown, Ya decided to pursue studies in engineering at Tsinghua University in Beijing. Over the course of 5 exciting years learning and working as an undergraduate research assistant, Ya decided that it was time for even greater ventures.

This drive took her to the US, where she did a master in wireless communications and signal processing at Arizona State University. She went to Duke University for her Ph.D., with a focus on statistical modeling and machine learning. During her Ph.D. study Ya was involved in research collaborations between Duke and a major company, where she realized that real world applications were her true calling.

“I was always studying theory and could have stayed in the library for days writing equation after equation, but for the first time I was doing something directly useful to society,” she says. “That was really exciting.”

Ya spent the next several years putting that mindset into action with data analytic systems that can confirm proper drug prescriptions by analyzing the pill’s chemical spectrum, detect abnormal system behavior in aircraft engineer operations, recommend short video clips to online viewers of a TV channel, manage the power system on a hybrid bus, identify oil&gas opportunities in seismic data, and reconstruct 3D teeth models from facial images. Today, she lives in the Research Triangle, enjoying working with Infinia as well as raising her two young children.

Jun Liu, Ph.D.

Data Scientist & Director, R&D

One of Infinia ML’s founding Data Scientists and holder of over 10 US patents in medical imaging and machine learning, Jun Liu has come a long way throughout the course of his career. Having spent his childhood in a small town in rural eastern China where even a car on the road was considered an unusual sight and a commute to his school meant a 5 AM walk before dawn, Jun has channeled his passion for science and math to redefine possible in machine learning.

After earning his PhD in computer science at Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics in China, he continued on to post-doctorate work in 2008 at Arizona State University, where he studied sparse learning and compressed sensing. This led to his creation of the SLEP package, a custom library for structured sparse learning.

At Siemens in Princeton, New Jersey, Jun’s work helped win the first FDA approval for compressed sensing-based MR reconstruction. The product reduces the amount of processing data needed during a scan, enabling shorter image acquisition time or increased resolution. By advancing the capabilities of image scanning technology, it contributes to many medical applications, such as the study and understanding of the human heartbeat.

Jun, who has over 50 papers and 3,500 citations to his name, most recently served as Principal Research Statistician Developer at SAS before he was introduced to Infinia ML. He is excited at the opportunity to be part of the founding team as Infinia ML works to reshape how business services, healthcare and security organizations operate through machine learning.

Jun continues to run often and finds inspiration from his two sons, who he encourages to live active and healthy lifestyles.

Patrick Rabenold

Data Scientist & Director, Data Science Quality

Since first being introduced to numerical analysis as an undergraduate, Patrick’s passion has remained at the intersection of mathematics and computer science. He earned a Master’s degree in applied math and scientific computing from the University of Maryland, where he developed algorithmic techniques and simulations for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) applications. Following several years of developing algorithms for applications from air traffic control to resource management, he discovered the field of machine learning and hasn’t looked back.

As a Principal with a machine learning R&D startup acquired by BAE Systems, Patrick served as principal investigator, technical program manager, and research engineer for numerous programs with government agencies, from the Office of Naval Research to DARPA. He developed machine learning solutions to a wide array of data problems, including satellite imagery, video, sonar, and radar.

Patrick spent over a decade developing and applying machine learning models for defense and intelligence applications before tackling business solutions with Infinia ML. The field of machine learning has evolved significantly over that time, with Patrick’s focus shifting from Bayesian statistical modeling to neural networks.

Patrick enjoys spending time outdoors, particularly hiking and camping with his family. Aside from chasing his young daughter around the playground, he is also an avid curler (yes, with the stones and the brooms).

The Infinia ML Team

Board of Directors

Lawrence Carin, Ph.D.
Chief Scientist

One of the most widely published machine learning researchers in the world, Dr. Carin spent 25 years as a Professor of Engineering at Duke University. An IEEE Fellow, he has co-authored nearly 450 papers affecting fields as diverse as bomb detection, neuroscience, and voting behavior. Dr. Carin earned his BS, MS, and Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the University of Maryland. Outside of the office, he spends every possible minute with his family and works hard to keep his body as fit as his mind.

Rob Delaney
Chief Executive Officer

Rob Delaney is a Director at Carrick Capital Partners and Infinia ML’s CEO. He received his MBA from Harvard Business School. Before that, Rob worked for Accenture as a consultant for venture capital and technology clients and then as a Corporate M&A specialist.

Rob studied Government and Law and Economics at Lafayette College, where he was also Captain of the basketball team.

Marc McMorris

Marc McMorris is a Co-Founder and Managing Director of Carrick Capital Partners, and co-chairs the Investment Committee with Co-Founder Jim Madden. Marc is directly involved in the selection and growth guidance of successful companies in technology-enabled services including BPO, Transaction Processing, and Software as a Service (SaaS).

Marc enjoys working closely with the CEOs, executive teams, and boards of Carrick’s portfolio companies. Leveraging his deep understanding of sales, finance, capital structure, and governance matters, Marc plays a critical role in assisting these companies to navigate growth opportunities and create long-term value. In addition to Infinia ML, Marc serves on the boards of Complia Health, Infrascale, and Saama.

Mitchell Slodowitz

Mitchell Slodowitz is the Chief Financial Officer and a Managing Director at Carrick Capital Partners. He is directly involved with finance, administration, investor reporting, and assisting portfolio company CFOs. Additionally, Mitch is responsible for investment due diligence, deal structuring, and providing advice during the term of the investing period.

An experienced CFO with a sophisticated understanding of a wide range of financial issues, Mitch enjoys working closely with company CFOs in optimizing tax programs; structuring financing, lending and debt instruments; and securing training and state tax grants.