Document processing is complicated, but it doesn’t have to be.

Introducing an intelligent document processing platform that understands what you’re trying to find, extract, categorize, and format.

Humans don’t have time to read endless, dry documents. Machines can do it in seconds.

Infinia ML uses machine learning to quickly grasp content in context, understanding not just words and charts, but the relationships between them.

Whether your goal is process automation, predictive insights, relationship understanding, or a semantic search engine, we can build it with our end-to-end machine learning capabilities.

We work hard to make it look easy

Our intelligent document processing solutions aren’t magic.
They’re based on advanced technology and decades of applied experience.

Deployment Options

We can deploy anywhere.

  • Secure cloud with RESTful APIs
  • On-premises with Docker/Kubernetes


We're credentialed where it counts.

  • 600+ published papers
  • 30 patents
  • 9 PhDs
  • 1 literal rocket scientist

Continuous Audit

Dashboards and regular reports help maintain performance by flagging data and operational issues.

We’ve never been more industrious.

Our intelligent document processing solutions solve lots of different kinds of problems for lots of different kinds of companies. We love a challenge – bring it on.

Healthcare »

Gain control of your data

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IT & Security »

Protect your clients more fiercely

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Finance »

Offer smarter solutions for your clients

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Insurance »

Identify fraud or predict future claims

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Technology »

Enhance your product offerings

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