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Our team of data science experts helps automate business processes.
We use our library of existing and custom-made algorithms to evaluate text, process images, and make predictions.
Bring your data and let’s get started.


“Infinia ML has expertise on the bleeding edge of ML advancements . . . it makes more financial sense to leverage their capabilities versus trying to find experienced data scientists ourselves.”

– Axiom CTO Doug Hebenthal

Email Analysis

Processing millions of retail procurement emails to find potential savings. Learn more.

Contract Classification

Increasing the efficiency of legal document analysis. Learn more.

Medical Image Detection

Finding a key nerve network on a mobile ultrasound image in real time. Learn more.

Threat Image Detection

Highlighting potential threats in scanned baggage images. Learn more.

Disease Classification

Predicting infection type (viral, bacterial, fungal) by modeling gene expression levels. Learn more.

Cybersecurity Force Multiplier

Assist human analysts with automated labeling of good and bad data. Learn more.

Stay in the Know

Upcoming Book Release 2019

Our upcoming book, Machine Learning in Practice, summarizes the lessons we’ve learned implementing over 100 data intensive projects in the last 10 years. The book comes out later in 2019, but you can read chapter excerpts online right now at