Made with machine learning.



Our data science team and machine learning technology will help your business:
  • Configure algorithms to lower costs and increase efficiency.
  • Connect results to the real world with a deployment API.
  • Calibrate models after deployment to avoid decay.
Bring your data and let’s get started.


Email Analysis

Processing millions of retail procurement emails to find potential savings. Learn more.

Contract Classification

Increasing the efficiency of legal document analysis. Learn more.

Medical Image Detection

Finding a key nerve network on a mobile ultrasound image in real time. Learn more.

Threat Image Detection

Highlighting potential threats in scanned baggage images. Learn more.

Disease Classification

Predicting infection type (viral, bacterial, fungal) by modeling gene expression levels. Learn more.

Cybersecurity Force Multiplier

Assist human analysts with automated labeling of good and bad data. Learn more.

Curious to learn more about the state of machine learning in the enterprise? Check out the research report released by HFS to find out how machine learning will continue to impact businesses, and how you can stay ahead of the curve. Learn How ML Impacts Enterprise

Upcoming Book Release 2019

Our upcoming book, Machine Learning in Practice, summarizes the lessons we’ve learned implementing over 100 data intensive projects in the last 10 years. That comes out in early 2019, but you can read chapter excerpts online right now at