We deploy data science to automate complex challenges.

Infinia ML helps business leaders
Analyze Documents

Eliminate Tedious Reading and Searching

Extract Text

Put the Right Content in the Right Place

Audit AI

Ensure Your AI Systems Work For You

Meet one of our Founders

Dr. Larry Carin
Chief Scientist

With over 350 published papers, Vice Provost for Research at Duke University and IEEE Fellow, Larry Carin is one of the true luminary minds in Machine Learning today.

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Infinia ML did an amazing job with collaboration, planning, and communication, especially in explaining technical details.

Jaime E. Puente, Ph.D., AI Segment Manager, Lenovo US



There was seamless interaction in a way that didn’t really feel like a separate organization. It felt like we were one team.

Andrea Staffhorst, Senior Director of Proposals and Pricing, RTI International

“Infinia ML brought mathematical rigor and strong thinking about practical techniques, setting the stage for more machine learning in the future. They really took ownership of the problem.”

Tyler Warden, VP Product Management, Syniti



The focus and collaboration with Infinia ML have made the project more successful than anything we could have achieved elsewhere.

Dr. Brad Hirsch, CEO and Co-Founder, SignalPath



Our End-To-End Machine Learning Process

Step 1
We prepare data
Underlying Technology
Exploratory Analysis

Automated data analysis that gives you insight into the shape, relationships, and correlations within your data.

Step 2
We develop algorithms
Underlying Technology
Infinia ML Library

Combining off-the-shelf and Infinia-created algorithms give data scientists a head start while allowing for customization.

Step 3
We deploy solutions
Underlying Technology
Infinia ML Cloud Layer

Kubernetes and Docker-based environment to help you get ML models into production and operate at any scale.

Step 4
We measure business impact
Underlying Technology
Infinia ML Auditor

Machine learning model monitoring solution that alerts you of issues with data or model output.

Feedback and Retraining
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