What if the next great breakthrough is hidden in your data?



Infinia ML combines machine learning technology and talent to make business impact.

Our platform automates business processes including:

  • Email Analysis
  • Legal Document Analysis
  • Procurement Audits
  • Customer Support Chat Bots
  • Resume Analysis
  • Optical character recognition (OCR)
  • Object Detection
  • Threat Detection
  • Visual Question/Answer


Looking for something else? We’ll build a custom machine learning solution for you.


Strategy Workshop

If you're exploring the potential of machine learning, our senior leaders will come to your office and lead a Machine Learning Strategy Workshop custom built for you. We’ll help you identify what’s possible and end with a list of practical projects for your company. Learn more.

Build Your Product or Solution

If you’re ready to apply machine learning to your image or text data, our platform will you get there fast. Our defined projects range from email analysis to threat detection We can also build a custom solution for you. For every project, we focus on business impact with our 3D approach: data preparation, development of models built for your data, and deployment at scale into your systems. Learn more.

Train Your Team

We offer educational content and in-person training to help your team succeed with machine learning. We have curricula for business leaders, data scientists, and engineers. Learn more.

Curious to learn more about the state of machine learning in the enterprise? Check out the research report released by HFS to find out how machine learning will continue to impact businesses and how you can stay ahead of the curve. Learn How ML Impacts Enterprise

Upcoming Book Release 2019

Our upcoming book, Machine Learning in Practice, summarizes the lessons we’ve learned implementing over 100 data intensive projects in the last 10 years. That comes out in early 2019, but you can read chapter excerpts online right now at machinelearninginpractice.com.