Use Case: Threat Image Detection

Challenge: A Tedious Task

  • Threat detection in scanned baggage is an ongoing challenge; even one mistake can be catastrophic.
  • Inspection of baggage x-rays is subject to human imperfections like boredom and fatigue.

Solution: Deep Learning for Image Analysis

  • Using deep learning, analyze X-ray images to identify objects that may be security threats.
  • Visualize potential threats for security professionals in real time.

Impact: Stronger Security

  • Detects security threats that humans might miss.
  • Agents stay sharp by only reviewing potential threats, not every bag.
  • Agents can be assigned to higher-level security tasks better suited for humans.

Infinia ML can help you automate image analysis.
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Technical Details

For one government agency, Infinia ML:

  • Uses convolutional object detection algorithms on X-ray images to detect security threats at airport checkpoints.
  • Detects prohibited items with high accuracy and minimal impact on false alarm rates.
  • Visually highlights potential threats for security agents.