We can bring any or all of these training opportunities to your organization – or build a custom training solutions to meet your specific needs. Contact us to get started.


For Business Leaders


Executive Session: Machine Learning Strategy Workshop

Each customized, interactive workshop starts with an overview of machine learning, proceeds through a realistic assessment of your organization’s data, development, and deployment potential, and ends with a written assessment of your team’s most promising projects and next steps. Learn more.


Executive Session: Building Your Data Science Team

Based on our own experience but customized to your needs, we help you create a custom process for interviewing, hiring, on-boarding, training, project staffing, and maintaining ongoing research.


For Technical Leaders


Introduction to Machine Learning

Based on curriculum developed for Duke University, we help leaders begin and accelerate their machine learning journey in any field. Topics include model learning, convolutional neural networks, and natural language processing.


Advanced Machine Learning

Infinia ML’s experts help experienced data scientists deepen their knowledge even further on topics like reinforcement learning, generative adversarial networks, and more. We will customize an educational offering for your team’s experience.


Business Communication for Technical Leaders

This 2-hour, interactive, fast-paced course helps data scientists, engineers, and other technical experts convey their knowledge in non-technical settings. It also offers real-world guidance for effective business meetings.


Machine Learning Bootcamp for Software Engineers

Half-day bootcamps introduce machine learning in engineering terms, helping developers apply their skills to new technologies and projects. Topics include an introduction to deep learning, life an ML engineer, and a TensorFlow introduction and tutorial.