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Lawrence Carin, Ph.D.

One of the most widely published machine learning researchers in the world, Dr. Carin spent 25 years as a Professor of Engineering at Duke University. An IEEE Fellow, he has co-authored nearly 450 papers affecting fields as diverse as bomb detection, neuroscience, and voting behavior.

Larry’s passion for engineering was apparent from the time he was only a child – one of his first memories is of building a small engine to plug in the wall. Fortunately, his mother swooped in to stop this first experiment before anyone was electrocuted, but Larry has always been fascinated at the prospect of creating things that can have real tangible value.

Following this passion into applied mathematics, Larry studied electromagnetics and rose to the forefront of the field while still in his early 30s, but came to an important conclusion: electromagnetics had already accomplished all the meaningful innovation it would ever need. And so much to the confusion of his peers, Larry changed fields, exploring for an area where his work could have greater impact, and eventually landing in signal processing, statistics, and machine learning.

Many people questioned the decision to leave a field where he was so highly respected, but Larry is the type of person that not only sees the world as it could be but can’t help themselves in working to make that possibility real. Today Larry is respected as one of the greatest innovators in machine learning, and as part of his passion for making a difference through his work, he serves as co-founder and Chief Scientist of Infinia ML, solving some of the toughest machine learning challenges in the world.

Larry is passionate about his work and about his family, spending as much time with them as possible. He wants Infinia’s work to not only create value for clients but to serve as inspiration for the kind of entrepreneurship and innovation that Durham can achieve.