Technovation’s Tara Chklovski on Machine Meets World

Tara Chklovski, CEO and founder of Technovation, talks artificial intelligence with James Kotecki on Infinia ML’s Machine Meets World.

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Recorded June 23rd, 2020.

Key Quote

“Most adults don’t know how machine learning works, how the face recognition on the phone works, what’s behind all of this. And that’s the idea – kind of unpacking this black box of AI technologies because it’s everywhere.

“When you don’t know something, it can be very scary. You don’t know what the implications are and so you tend to sort of shut it down even more, and you’re resistant to any kind of re-skilling, up-skilling, which will have to happen no matter what.” [3:44]

Other Episode Highlights

A Focus on Grassroots AI [6:34]

How Technovation Demystifies AI [24:39]

The Technovation “Trick”: Adults and Kids Learn AI Together [26:51]

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