Solutions / Predictions & Insights

Use machine learning for more accurate predictions

Sharpen your perspective on your organization’s big picture. We help you tailor your machine learning solution to deliver accurate predictions that have real business impact.

How We Help

Machine learning prediction can transform your business — if you do it right.

Predict Sales Outcomes

Download Salesforce notes and use that text to predict companies that are likely to buy. Scan RFPs to predict which ones you’re most likely to win.

Enhance Internal Search

Go beyond basic keywords and search for advanced concepts. Find exactly what you need even if you don’t know exactly how to describe it.

Guide Investment Decisions

Reduce the time it takes to find the next big idea. Our machine learning prediction tools parse news articles and financial information.

Reduce Outages and Downtime

Analyze errors and anomalies to predict when a server may go down or an energy supplier will see a demand surge.


Once your model is proven successful, we work with you to ensure your integration, deployment, and rollout efforts run seamlessly in production. Scalability is never an issue — we can handle whatever volume of data/documents you require. Since we audit your solution in production, your predictions and insights are insured against data drift.

A Revolution in Intelligent Document Processing

We help you break down the barriers between you and your information. Flexible AI-powered document processing accelerates time-to-deployment and controls your investment. Ongoing model auditing protects your algorithm against data drift.