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Achieve more speed and
precision with AI document

Data is trapped in your documents — but making it usable is harder than it looks. Our machine learning-powered platform processes documents quickly and accurately, so you can finally harness the power of all that beautiful data.

Cut costs in half

An offshore workforce that’s just not performing. An in-house machine learning model that has been “almost ready” for years. Knowledgeable workers spending time on data entry.

Sound familiar?

The Infinia IDP platform can help you save millions of dollars, efficiently redeploy workforce resources, and reduce the opportunity costs of doing it all yourself.

Buy something that really works

Since no two companies are exactly the same, no two automation solutions can be exactly the same. The off-the-shelf solution is not going to work for you — and it might take you years to figure that out.

There’s a better way: Infinia IDP combines the efficiency of software with the accuracy of expert customization.

Our AI Document Processing Solutions


Turn unstructured documents like PDFs into cleanly labeled, digital data that is ready to work for you.


Find and use exactly the information you’re looking for with technology that grasps not just line-by-line content, but the context of the overall page.


Multiple labels or names for the same thing (e.g. Accountant, Accountant 1, Junior Accountant) can make it impossible to use data efficiently. Process and normalize your data across disparate documents.


Organize your documents into distinct groups to accelerate your internal processes.


Eliminate data entry and process documents faster.

A Revolution in Intelligent Document Processing

We help you break down the barriers between you and your information. Flexible AI-powered document processing accelerates time-to-deployment and controls your investment. Ongoing model auditing protects your algorithm against data drift.