Redefine Possible

Our Methodology

For any set of natural language text documents, Infinia ML can:

  • Classify documents by type.
  • Analyze content and answer questions.
  • Use optical character recognition (OCR) to convert images of electronic and handwritten text into machine-friendly data.


For any image data, including natural, X-ray, CT, and ultrasound – Infinia ML can:

  • Identify objects that are difficult for humans to see.
  • Rapidly classify images into different categories.
  • Detect errors and defects that would otherwise go unnoticed.


For complex data sets from genetic biomarkers to server logs, Infinia ML can:

  • Create consistency across disparate data sets using a machine learning technique called domain adaptation.
  • Use supervised learning to model the probabilities that signatures within the data correspond to relevant states, such as disease types or security threat levels. During the learning process, the model self-corrects to optimize decision making.
  • Use machine learning to reduce the number of sample features needed for accurate classification.


Once you’ve selected your project and provided your data, we begin our 3C process to achieve business impact.

Configure Algorithms and Data

We begin by preparing your data for machine learning Then, we set up your model for your specific data.

Connect Results

We integrate our platform with your business, making sure it works with your existing systems and achieves impact at scale.

Calibrate Models

We provide ongoing support for model evaluation, retraining, and improvement.

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Machine Learning Strategy Workshop

Just getting started with machine learning? Not sure which project is right for you? Wondering if your data could unlock insights and opportunities beyond our standard offerings?

Infinia ML offers a one-day, in-person strategy workshop to help your team learn how machine learning can best add value to your business. CEO Robbie Allen leads the day along with Chief Scientist, Dr. Larry Carin, one of the world’s most prolific authors of advanced ML research.

Each Strategy Day is highly interactive and customized to add value to both business executives and technical experts. Participants will leave the Strategy Day understanding ML’s business potential – and how to distinguish hype from reality.

Participants will also receive a written assessment of their team’s most promising ML projects, including specific implementation steps.

See the sample agenda or contact us to learn more.


Industry Expertise

Our team combines unparalleled machine learning expertise with a commitment to measurable business results. We speak your language and understand your priorities, and we specialize in making complex machine learning techniques relatable to business and medical professionals.

We apply machine learning to marketing, human resources, purchasing, security, law, manufacturing, health care, and more.