Redefine Possible

Our 3D Methodology

Our machine learning process is backed by proprietary software that makes our team more effective at every step. We offer clients an end-to-end partnership, but we can also assist with specific challenges in any of these steps.

Data Preparation

We begin by assessing whether your data is ready for machine learning. Data readiness, not algorithms, is often the biggest obstacle to machine learning success. Our software standardizes the workflow for data loading and preprocessing, while our data scientists make sure your data is accessible, sizable, useable, understandable, and maintainable before we give you the green light.


With your data prepared, we apply our scientific knowledge of machine learning to your business challenges. Using our collaboration software tool, we design algorithms, build models, test results, and show you what’s possible.


We turn the machine learning model into a product or service that you can actually use. Our proprietary software makes our team more effective at standardizing data prep, collaborating on development, and streamlining deployment.

Machine Learning Strategy Workshop

Infinia ML offers a one-day, in-person strategy workshop to help your team learn how machine learning can best add value to your business. CEO Robbie Allen leads the day along with Chief Scientist, Dr. Larry Carin, one of the world’s most prolific authors of advanced ML research.

Each Strategy Day is highly interactive and customized to add value to both business executives and technical experts. Participants will leave the Strategy Day understanding ML’s business potential – and how to distinguish hype from reality.

Participants will also receive a written assessment of their team’s most promising ML projects, including specific implementation steps.

See the sample agenda or contact us to learn more.


Industry Expertise

Our team combines unparalleled machine learning expertise with a commitment to measurable business results. We speak your language and understand your priorities, and we specialize in making complex machine learning techniques relatable to business and medical professionals.

We apply machine learning to marketing, human resources, purchasing, security, law, manufacturing, health care, and more.