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Identifying lucrative investment opportunities

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Client: Private equity investment firm

Challenge: To quickly identify high-yield investment opportunities

Solution: A model to extract underlying trends based on investment category


Manually conducting market research is time consuming

For private equity firms, there is inherent risk during the company acquisition process. Internal teams spent countless hours conducting market research to understand current trends in their industry. In the discovery phase, analysts manually read publicly available information from press releases, news articles, and other online sources to assess a company’s health and growth potential in their industry. The manual nature of research is time consuming, which resulted in a firm losing high-yield investment opportunities.


Developing text classification and entity recognition technologies

Infinia ML developed an end-to-end web application to collect and track trends in relevant industries. Using Infinia ML’s text classification and entity recognition technologies, we scoured online sources for data relating to the themes and subthemes of interest. Rules for parsing and reporting the information were developed to display relevant information to human analysts.


Efficiently accessing information and identifying high-yield investment opportunities

By augmenting their investment research process, our client is now able to thoroughly track opportunities that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. Further, their analysts saved countless hours of skimming the web for information. Infinia ML’s solution allows the firm to efficiently access information and identify high-yield investment opportunities, which promotes business and a competitive advantage.

Applying these techniques elsewhere

  • Assess cybersecurity risk
  • Political and policy trends
  • Track market trends in any industry

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