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How a Wall Street Bank wins more business

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Client: Leading Wall Street Bank

Challenge: Identify new business opportunities and the most effective route to a deal

Solution: Models that map business prospects to disparate networks to make more informed and effective sales pitches


Understanding sales relationships and leads

Wall Street is notoriously recognized as a hub for business competition. Banks that consistently win business leverage their sales data and relationship networks more effectively than others, and at the correct time.

Sales relationships and leads are largely maintained personally in the minds of bankers themselves. When banks want to sell a financial product, bankers either recall the best prospects from their own network or ask colleagues for guidance. This process, and thus, the bank’s success, rely on the current roster of bankers and their expertise.


Matching products to prospects using algorithms

Infinia ML used past success and relationship data to identify the sales leader and channel best suited for each opportunity.

Our machine learning models automatically match dozens of product offerings with prospects that resemble successful clients. The algorithm ranks and prioritizes the leads based on predicted success rate.


Strategically scout business prospects

This client wanted to give their business development team a stronger predictive advantage than their competitors, which required advanced model customization. Infinia ML’s solution allows this Wall Street bank to strategically scout business prospects regardless of their banker roster.

Applying these techniques elsewhere

  • Route customer support tickets
  • Advanced audience segmentation
  • Find new investment opportunities
  • Human and organizational network analysis
  • Fraud and compliance detection

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