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How a Recruiting Firm Ensures You Earn What You Deserve

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Client: International management consulting and executive recruiting firm

Challenge: Normalize job titles collected from global companies and industries

Solution: A model to reconcile job titles with employee resumes and experience


Normalizing titles across different companies

Our client, an international management consulting and executive recruiting firm, provides insights to their customers on salary trends and expectations for a given job title on their payroll. This helps their customers compensate their employees based on the employees’ experience and service, benefitting employee satisfaction and retention.

Our client created a 2000-item jobs model to represent every job in the global economy. The aim of this project was to accurately normalize titles across different companies and industries to answer questions like, “Given this job title, industry and location, this is the expected salary.”

On the backend, our client relied on 400 employees to map job titles and salaries to one of the 2000 job codes. This process was highly repetitive and involved reading through resume descriptions and recognizing similarities to specific global job codes. From start to finish, this business operation was highly inefficient and error prone, especially across different countries and languages.


Automatically matching job titles to models

Infinia ML developed a machine learning solution to automatically match a given job title to our client’s global jobs model based on resumes, industries, countries, and experience. The developed algorithms accommodate title and pay data from new and existing sources and provide salary insights to companies looking to benchmark their payroll against others.


Benchmarking compensation against competitors

In order to provide the most value, our client needs to quickly and accurately extract insights from a given salary dataset. Infinia ML’s solution allows our client and their customers to benchmark their compensation and benefits against their competitors to attract and retain talent.

Applying these techniques elsewhere

  • Correlate data sets across industries
  • Perform market research to compare competitor prices

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