Who Watches Your Models?

You audit your company finances and security protocols. It’s time to audit your machine learning models.

AI systems that don’t perform as intended can lead to:

Faulty Predictions
Operational Failures
Headline Risk
When Your Models Contain Unwanted Bias . . . How Will You Know?
How We Audit
Software meets services.

Infinia ML Auditing reports on machine learning models in production.

AI-powered software identifies trends and detects anomalies.

Our data scientists fill in the gaps with nuanced, expert analysis.

“Responsible AI that enables model transparency is essential to protect against poor decisions.”
The Infinia ML Auditor
The Infinia ML Auditor software monitors:
Business Impact

Measure how your model performance impacts your business.

Create custom reports based on the metrics that matter.

Data Pipelines

Identify data sources and schema with AI-powered insights.

Understand pre-processing and track pipeline changes.

Model Diagnostics

Continuously assess model health based on AI-driven prediction metrics.

Get alerts about unexpected changes.


Explore model usage, compute resources, access logs, deploy history, security, and more.

We make it easy to connect.

Auditor software can run directly inside your cloud environment or connect to your model via a secure API.

The software is also fully integrated with Infinia ML-built applications.

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More than just software.

Software alone cannot comprehensively monitor and assess AI models.

That’s why you also get access to our expert team.

Infinia ML data scientists use the Auditor software and other methods to:

  • Provide ongoing reporting & support
  • Suggest improvements & best practices
  • Test & diagnose algorithms
  • Export & analyze model metrics
Beyond Auditing
Build & deploy better algorithms.

When a model requires significant overhaul, Infinia ML data scientists and engineers can help rearchitect and deploy it.

That’s because we don’t just audit machine learning models. We build and deploy them, too.

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