Do more with your documents

Apply machine learning to analyze text and extract relevant data from documents:

Health Records
Research Protocols
and many more...
Document Analysis & Extraction
A better way to deal with documents.

This demo shows how machine learning can process unstructured PDFs into usable structured elements.

Search for images, tables, and more, then export the data you want.

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Apply Machine Learning
Automated Document Extraction

Automatically retrieve relevant text, tables, images, and more.

Eliminate unnecessary slogs through the documents you process every day.

Turning Scientific PDFs into Straightforward Processes
Automated knowledge extraction helps translate complex clinical trial protocols into a standard digital format.
Supercharged Document Search

Find whatever you’re looking for, whenever you need it. For example:

  • Locate past proposals to help today’s pitch.
  • Look up contracts based on concepts.
  • Automatically surface relevant emails.
An Automated Editor Guides People To Best Practices
ML-powered guidance helps craft clear rules for data management.
Normalize Text

Standardize data points to get clearer insights and bypass input errors.

For instance, when different names describe similar jobs, ML can assign a normalized title.

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How we build applications
Analyze Data
Infinia ML Library
Reusable code gives data scientists a pre-processing head start.
Develop Models
Infinia ML Library
A growing collection of algorithms accelerates custom development.
Deploy Models
Infinia ML Cloud Layer
A Kubernetes and Docker-based environment enables production at scale.
Measure Impact
Infinia ML Auditing
Cloud-based software helps monitor models in production. Learn more.
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