PHOTOS: Machine Learning Symposium Brings Technology Leaders to Chapel Hill

The Triangle’s first Machine Learning Symposium recently brought together business and academic leaders for frank, focused, and fun conversations about the increasingly impactful technology.

Machine learning (ML) is about finding patterns in data, but you don’t have to use an advanced algorithm to recognize one clear trend: from leading campuses to top companies, ML is on the rise.

That’s one clear takeaway from Symposium’s speakers, who ranged from top ML researchers to industry-leading practitioners. The event was a joint collaboration of Infinia ML, the Durham machine learning company where I work, and UNC’s Frank Hawkins Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise.

Below are some of the day’s highlights, photographed by the Kenan Institute’s Steven Rubin. You can see more photos here and access complete speaker presentation decks from here.

IBM’s Jesus Mantas on “Machine Learning Transformation in Large Organizations”

HFS Research’s Reetika Fleming on “The State of Machine Learning Adoption”


RTI’s Michael Kaelin speaks to Infinia ML’s James Kotecki on “Getting Started with Machine Learning in the Enterprise”


Lucidworks’ Grant Ingersoll on “Finding the Future: Using AI for Superior Search”


Infinia ML/Duke University’s Larry Carin on “Machine Learning’s Near and Distant Horizons”


UNC’s Mary Milley on “MBA Insights”


UNC’s Mohit Bansal on “What’s Next for Natural Language Processing”


NEA’s Scott Frederick on “The Innovation Imperative”


Korn Ferry’s Michael Eagan (left), Infinia ML’s Ya Xu (center) and SAS institute’s Brett Wujek (right) on “What Data Scientists Wish Executives Understood”


Infinia ML’s Robbie Allen knows machine learning is a big opportunity


Genpact’s Vikram Mahidhar on “Machine Learning Transformation in Large Organizations”


UNC’s Eric Ghysels on “Artificial intelligence Alter Egos”


Scenes from an engaged crowd


Scenes from an engaged crowd


Scenes from an engaged crowd


Scenes from an engaged crowd
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