The Infinia ML Opportunity for Software Engineers

Infinia ML engineers
Members of the Infinia ML engineering team have a totally casual, not at all staged conversation.

Why We Need You

Are you a software engineer that is ready to challenge yourself and build machine learning products? Do you want to work on the cutting edge of technology with highly collaborative colleagues that have your back?

Infinia ML has an expert team of data scientists and developers that build products to automate business and achieve breakthroughs with the latest advances in machine learning.

And we need your help. In other words, we’re hiring!

Machine learning projects start with data science – but they don’t end there. To have real impact, ML needs to scale from a proof of concept to an integrated solution. That’s where you come in. As a developer, you’ll learn the challenges of real-world ML deployment and help our team overcome them.

We’re not just building scalable solutions – we’re building industry-changing products, too. We’d love to tell you about them. Our ability to execute and grow depends on our ability to attract engineers like you.

Why You Can Succeed Here

Your resume may not include a lot of machine learning right now. That’s not an issue for us! Here are two reasons why previous ML experience is not required:

1) The skills you have are still applicable to the work we do. ML is different – but not that different. You can pick up the data science skills by working at Infinia ML.

2) We’ll give you all the ML training you need. If you help us develop world-class products and solutions, we’ll help you get the machine learning skills to thrive on our team.

Perhaps you’ve been interested in ML but haven’t had the reason or bandwidth to pursue it in your current role. This is your opportunity to change that.

How You’ll Grow Here

We deliberately set aside hours every week that are dedicated to your learning with initiatives like:

  • Tech talks
  • Machine learning talks about the latest research coming out our chief scientist’s ML lab at Duke
  • Briefings on projects from around the company
  • Twice-monthly Wednesdays dedicated to research and learning, not project work

Why our Engineers Love Working Here

“We get to solve real-world problems here.” – Matt Scruggs

“I know my contribution matters – and I’m learning new technologies and techniques every day.” – David Rasch

“Machine learning can be a buzzword, but here, we’re doing it for real. And we’re working with some of the smartest experts in the space.” – Andy Shapiro

Join our team. You bring the dev. We’ll bring the ML.

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