The Infinia ML Interview Preparation Guide

Three people talking a whiteboard.

If you’re preparing to interview for a technical position at Infinia ML, here’s a heads up on what to expect.

We’re a machine learning company that values learning. In fact, our interview candidates sometimes say things like this:

“. . . I actually learned a lot by thinking through the problems . . .”

“This was a better process than my dissertation defense.”

 “I learned more about machine learning during this interview than I have in the last several years.”


As part of the interview, you’ll give a 45-minute presentation to our team. The first five minutes should give an overview of your background. You’ll then have 30 minutes to cover a topic of your choosing, like a project you’ve worked on or your academic research.  In addition to technical depth, we want to understand how you think through a problem. 10 minutes of Q&A will follow your talk.

You can assume a technical audience, and supporting slides will be helpful. Feel free to bring a computer or email slides in advance to your hiring manager. 

Discussion Sessions

Beyond the presentation, we’ll have several small-group discussions to help us assess your:

  • Theoretical/conceptual understanding of machine learning
  • Ability to map theory to real-world challenges
  • Data/coding abilities
  • Cultural fit with our team

Come prepared to be challenged, but know that our team is very friendly and wants you to succeed.


Our office is located in Research Triangle Park. The address is 1009 Slater Road, Durham, NC 27703. You can find a map on our contact page.

You can park for free in the lot next to our building. Go through the main entrance and up the elevator to the third floor. Turn left to face the hallway, turn right to go down the hallway, and you’ll find Suite 390 in an alcove on the left. Our space is WAY bigger than that door would have you believe. Please ring the bell and we’ll let you in.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

If you have any other questions, please contact your hiring manager.

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